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(Columbia, SC) Men went teetering and tottering down Main Street on Thursday afternoon to support a cause that hits close to home.

Wearing women’s shoes, local business leaders, municipal officials and law enforcement officers participated in the annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event organized by Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands. The walk is held each spring to allow STSM staffers to talk about their services and the need for violence prevention in a more relaxed atmosphere. ...

Richland County treasurer David Adams strapped on heels for Walk a Mile in Her Shoes for the first time on Thursday. He said he initially tried on a pair of stilettos but opted later for a more sensible pair of low-heeled shoes. (to read the entire story and see the slideshow, click here)


Making the Right Choice

e-mail release - Friday, 4 April 2014

It's official! The filing period closed last week, and with your support over the coming weeks, we can keep the Richland County Treasurer's Office as the most innovative and helpful office in the Midlands for every person we serve.

As the Richland County Treasurer, you have entrusted me with the responsibility of handling approximately 500,000 tax bills and more than $700 million in public dollars each year. We have continually performed at a high level and have constantly found innovations that help taxpayers. We have worked to build your trust and make you proud.

We are facing a Democratic primary opponent on June 10th, and you will have a clear choice to make.

Would you choose to elect someone with no financial background or experience to be responsible for handling $700 million in taxpayer money as their first real job? That is the question this election will decide.

With your help, we will prove that our history of helping Richland County, through dozens of trailblazing accomplishments, is important! The Treasurer's Office belongs to the 300,000 people of Richland County, and it takes considerable qualifications to work effectively in every position in our office.

This campaign will give each and every voter the chance to review our records, and I proudly stand on my mine. I am excited about the opportunity to discuss the great things we are accomplishing in Richland County:

  • Making it easier for people to pay their taxes with payment plans, online options and drop-off locations (see: Accomplishments)
  • Reducing the number of people who go delinquent on their taxes by 32%
  • And, by personally helping people through the maze of government everyday

We have made our office work as government should. I hope you'll stand with me to build on our record of qualified, responsive, innovative and strong government in the June 10th Democratic Primary.

You can review our website at www.adamsfortreasurer.com and, if you have a moment, please "like" and "share" the Facebook page athttps://www.facebook.com/AdamsForTreasurer

As always, I will do my best to make you proud.

All the best,

David A. Adams



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Monday, 24 March 2014

(Columbia, SC) Richland County Treasurer David A. Adams has announced he will seek re-election in the 2014 June primary and November general election.  The Richland County Treasurer is responsible for the collection of 500,000 tax bills and more than $700 million each year to meet the county’s obligations.

“The people elected me, and I have done my best to build their trust by creating an office that has been the South Carolina innovator in helping people more easily meet their tax obligations. I want to continue making government work as it should – as a partner for our growing community,” Adams said.

Adams’ efforts for the coming term will be to continue to find cost-saving, efficient options for taxpayers to pay tax bills, and he is the first to propose the creation of a full-service county office in the growing Northeast corridor to alleviate crowding at the downtown offices and better serve Northeast residents.

“I have to pay property taxes each year and I understand that no one wants to pay their taxes, so I have worked relentlessly to make it as easy as possible,” Adams continued. “But most of all, I like to help people find solutions to their problems.”

Adams has been a trailblazer in government efficiency and expanding payment options for taxpayers:

  • partnering with SCDMV to create a one-stop shop for citizens
  • using local banks (NBSC) to allow drop-off locations for tax payments
  • allowing taxpayers to make installment payments
  • creating the easiest search-and-pay website in South Carolina (www.rcgov.us/treasurer)
  • assisting in collections and fund-balance policies that increased Richland’s credit rating three times during his tenure to the best rating of ‘AAA’ (reducing costs to taxpayers).

Adams’ office is also:

  • the first to work with the sheriff’s office to identify delinquent car tax cheaters
  • the second in the state to enforce collections of delinquent business taxes
  • the first in Richland County history to enforce tax collections on mobile homes
  • the first to work with the Solicitor’s office to enforce collection of fraudulent check payments
  • and, he is the only elected official who works in the county’s long lines to help people get served more quickly

Adams was recently unanimously elected the President-Elect of the association of Auditors, Treasurers and Tax Collectors (SCATT) a group that creates policies, educates members, and formulates legislation on behalf of South Carolina’s 88 county-wide elected finance officials.

“My office has found efficiencies that saves our taxpayers money, makes it easier to pay taxes, and works to find the tax cheaters who cheat us all,” Adams concluded. “Richland County’s citizens deserve the best, and I want to continue pushing for the improvements that keeps our Treasurer’s office the most innovative, professional and helpful in the state.”

David Adams, 42, is married to Pamela (Deweese) Adams.  They have three children – two who attend Richland One public schools, and one in preschool.  Prior to his election, Adams worked for Grady Patterson in the SC State Treasurer’s Office as Director of Information.



(This is an excerpt from www.coladaily.com by Kelly Petty)

Northeast Richland County soon could be home to a new tax office if County Council approves it in the 2014 budget.

County Treasurer David Adams envisions a full-service tax office that would serve residents in ZIP codes 29016, 29223 and 29229, who make up one-third of taxpayers who travel to the Hampton Street administration building each month to pay taxes. (Read the entire article, here)



For Immediate Release, 26 February 2014

(Columbia, SC) Richland County Treasurer David Adams has worked three years to create a full-service county office in the Northeast.  On Friday his office became the first to submit a working budget to address the needs of the Northeast community, and decrease the crowding at the County Administration building.

Almost 13,000 taxpayers on average come to the Treasurer’s Office to pay taxes each month.  For the last two years, one-third of taxpayers who pay downtown were from Northeast zip codes (29016, 29223, 29229).

                                               2013                           2012  

In-Office Payments               154,238                       151,941

From NE Zip Codes                51,322                         50,750

“Our Council has been supportive of addressing the huge growth in Northeast Richland and a new office is needed to be more professional and taxpayer-friendly for our citizens,” Adams said.

“This is one of a number of projects Council will consider, but I hope it is a priority because a new office would help everyone, not just the people in the Northeast. It would also become easier to find a parking space and conduct business at our downtown office for those who don’t live in the Northeast,” Adams continued.

The creation of a full-service office is a part of the 2014-15 potential capital projects budget that Richland County Council will review in the coming months.

“People have to deal with government – they don’t choose to – therefore, we should make it as easy as possible for them,” Adams concluded. “A full-service Northeast office – where our growth is happening – would meet those needs.”



For Immediate Release, 7 February 2014

(Columbia, SC)  Yesterday, Richland County Treasurer David A. Adams presented an hour discussion on best-practices and innovations to a state-wide audience of county treasurers.  Shortly after, Adams was unanimously elected President-Elect of the South Carolina Auditors Treasurers and Tax Collectors (SCATT) for the coming year.

“The things we’ve done to help our taxpayers are unique, from bank-drop locations to installment payment options, to our fantastic search-and-pay website,” Adams said. “We try to stay out in front in meeting the needs of our citizens.  I was proud to be chosen to present some of our best practices and I hope they will help.”

For the last three years, Adams has served as Co-Chairman of SCATT’s Legislative Committee where he helped successfully guide the first comprehensive changes to tax sale policies in decades.  And this year, he is helping coordinate the Association’s three-year effort to update property tax laws to reflect 21st Century practices at the state and local levels.  He was the Association Vice President in 2013.

"I'm humbled that a group I respect so much has faith in me," Adams said. "SCATT is an amazing group of public servants who look for how to best serve the citizens of South Carolina, regardless of politics. I will do my best to honor and serve our common goals to make government work better for the people we represent."

His election to the Board makes him the first Richland County Official to be an officer of SCATT since 1998.



The State - January 8, 2014

COLUMBIA, SC — Richland County will hold a sealed-bid auction for 252 tracts of land remaining after last month’s tax sale.

The deadline to submit bids is 5 p.m. Jan. 31 to the treasurer’s office at 2020 Hampton St. in Columbia.

Opening bids begin as low as $100 and go up to $49,600, according to a news release from Treasurer David Adams. The current landowner is given a year’s grace period to redeem the property by paying taxes, costs and interest due to the successful bidder.

Adams said some 700 pieces of property were left over after last year’s tax sale.The number of properties originally offered for sale because the owners hadn’t paid their property taxes has decreased each of the last four years, from a high of 2,135 in 2010 to 1,547 in 2013, figures provided by Adams show.

He’s hoping those are signs of continued improvement in the local economy.A list of properties to be auctioned, along with bid instructions, are available at www.rcgov.us/treasurer or for more information, call (803) 576-2250.

Dawn Hinshaw



(MidlandBiz.com – December 18, 2013)

Columbia, SC - December 18, 2013 - The Fifth Circuit Solicitor’s Worthless Check Unit was established “for the purpose of processing worthless checks and to assist the victims of these cases in the collection of restitution.”   Twenty months ago, Richland County Treasurer, David A. Adams, asked Solicitor Dan Johnson for his help in the collection of bad checks that were being written to pay tax bills.  The Treasurer’s Office receives approximately eighty (80) checks every month that are returned for insufficient funds.  To date, the Solicitor’s Office Worthless Check Unit has helped collect restitution for three hundred eight (308) bounced checks totaling $102,888.72.  Previously, collection of such a large amount would have taken a number of years.  

“Before, we could only catch people who bounced checks the next time they tried to pay taxes – meaning it could take a year or more for the county to recoup lost funds,” Treasurer Adams said.  “With the Solicitor’s Worthless Check Program, our office works with their enforcement unit to aggressively find tax cheaters, and get their payment in 90 days or less.”  

The Solicitor’s Worthless Check Unit collects the amount of the bad checks, plus fees and distributes restitution to the victims.  This program transfers the collection process from the victim to the Solicitor’s Office, eliminating the victim’s work and costs associated with collection from the check writer.   In the event check writers do not immediately make restitution on bad checks, the Solicitor’s Worthless Check Unit has the power to initiate arrest warrants and criminally prosecute those persons. Participation in this program is FREE to victims who received the bad check.  

“We are still getting dozens of bounced checks per month,” Adams concluded.  “But with the Solicitor’s help, people aren’t getting away with bad checks anymore. It means that our good taxpayers – who play by the rules and pay their fair share – aren’t penalized by those who try to cheat the rest of us.”



Press Release – October 03, 2013

The Richland County Treasurer’s Office has implemented new efficiencies in processing tax payments and mailing tax receipts that will save taxpayers more than $100,000 a year.

The Treasurer’s Office is now using new technology to more efficiently process all mailed tax payments in-office.  Over 150,000 mailed tax payments were previously managed by a bank and then submitted to the Treasurer’s Office which cost the county approximately $40,000 a year in bank fees.

 “Now we will process all mailed payments on-site – with existing staff – and reduce delays in identifying problems,” said Treasurer David A. Adams. “It will allow taxpayers to receive more timely credit for their payment, the money will go into county accounts more quickly, and tax receipts will be returned to our citizens sooner – all while saving money.”

 The Richland County Treasurer’s Office is also among the first to partner with the SC Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to send tax receipts combined with car registrations and decals in a single piece of mail.  Previously, the county mailed a paid receipt to taxpayers and another piece of mail would come from DMV with an updated registration and license tag decal.  The new cooperation with DMV will save Richland approximately $63,000 in postage and printing costs each year.

 “Our office was the third county in South Carolina to print DMV’s decals and registrations when people pay their taxes.  It reduced the travel between government offices and significantly reduced the lines at the DMV,” Adams continued.  “In this new effort, DMV is helping Richland by mailing our tax receipts with DMV’s information.  It is the type of common-sense cooperation that saves our taxpayers money.”

 “This is what happens when government works and identifies new efficiencies – we can help taxpayers, operate more effectively, and we save people money,” Adams concluded.



Friday, 8 February 2013

(Columbia, SC) Yesterday, Richland County Treasurer David A. Adams was unanimously elected Vice President of the South Carolina Auditors Treasurers and Tax Collectors (SCATT) for the coming year.

For the last two years, Adams has served as Co-Chairman of SCATT’s Legislative Committee.

Last year, he successfully guided major changes to tax sale policies that SCATT had tried to pass for more than a decade through the South Carolina General Assembly. And this year, he is helping coordinate the Association’s three-year effort to update property tax laws to reflect 21st Century practices at the state and local levels.

Previously, he was the co-chairman of the SCATT Continuing Education Committee and has served in various other roles in the organization since he became a member in 2003.

"I'm humbled that a group I respect so much has faith in me," Adams said. "SCATT is an amazing group of public servants who look for how to best serve the citizens of South Carolina, regardless of politics. I will do my best to honor and serve our common goals to make government work better for the people we represent."

His election to the Board makes him the first Richland County Official to be an officer of SCATT since 1998.



To see this story click here.


ADAMS FILES FOR RE-ELECTION Richland County Treasurer to Keep Fighting for Taxpayers  (17 March 2010)

(Columbia) Richland County Treasurer David A. Adams filed his re-election paperwork with his family yesterday afternoon. “I am excited by the possibilities of the next four years. I made a commitment to be the most helpful and innovative County Treasurer in South Carolina, and I hope to continue with that commitment over the next four years,” Adams said. “I love my job. I love helping people and I love making government work.”

Under Adams the Richland County Treasurer’s Office has been a trailblazer:Adams files for re-election with the help of his daughter, Daly (3).

  • first to formalize, publicize and use technology to offer installment plans for taxpayers
  • first to use local banks to accept tax payments
  • first to partner with the Sheriff to catch car tax cheaters
  • first in the Midlands to partner with DMV to issue tag decals with a car tax payment
  • first to enforce collection of mobile home and merchant tax delinquencies
  • first to provide monthly financial reports and establish a single financial ledger for county finances
  • yielded the three highest investment returns in county history

Adams’ campaign website, available on Friday, will list the support of Congressman James Clyburn, former Governor Jim Hodges, ten members of Richland County’s Democratic statehouse delegation, and more than seventy local elected, business and community leaders.

“We’ve done good things and I am humbled by the support of friends and people I respect throughout Richland County,” Adams continued. “Their support is based on what we’ve done in our office and in the community over the last seven years, but this election will be about what we accomplish next.”

In the next four years, Adams intends to continue modernizing the tax system and increasing outreach to every corner of the community.

  • Placing tax bills on-line for easier access and easier payment
  • Even more payment options for taxpayer convenience
  • Exposing tax cheaters who cheat us all, including illegally registered out-of-state property
  • Adding County Satellite Offices for citizen convenience
  • Modernizing payment collection equipment to increase accuracy and efficiency

“My office is where the rubber meets the road and we help people thru the maze of government everyday. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished,” Adams concluded. “My office will continue in its relentless efforts to improve government and make it work for our taxpayers.”