Fighting for Richland County’s Taxpayers

When David first ran to be your Richland County Treasurer he promised to make paying taxes easier and to offer installment payments; to find more of the tax cheaters who cheat us all; and to build a professional staff to help our taxpayers through the maze that government can be.  His office has been the South Carolina trailblazer in finding ways to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of Richland’s taxpayers.

Adams arranged for free parking when people had to wait hours to vote in the 2008 and 2012 elections.

In David Adams’ tenure as the County’s Chief Banker and Investment Officer, the County has yielded the three highest years of investment returns and the County’s Credit Rating has been increased three times to the highest ‘AAA’ rating by financial ratings agencies – based largely on tax collections (saving tens of thousands of dollars for county borrowing for up-to-date county facilities).

The innovations and accomplishments of David Adams’ Treasurers' Office include:

Paying Taxes Easier

  • First in the Midlands to partner with DMV to issue decals/registrations in the Treasurer’s Office - now 70% of car tax payers no longer have to go to DMV at all.
  • Cut face-to-face transaction times from 4 minutes to 2 minutes each – more than 1,526,000 people have paid in our office to date.
  • First in Richland to offer internet payments and the easiest search and pay website in South Carolina – more than 226,000 payments have been made on the site ( to date.
  • First County to offer bank account draft options
  • First County to use local banks as tax drop-off locations – almost 200,000 tax bills have been paid at Midlands NBSC branches to date.
  • First County to provide an automated telephone tax payment system – 36,000 payments have been made on the phone system (803/576-2262) to date.
  • First to accept over-the-counter credit card payments
  • First to put delinquent tax sale information on the internet each year
  • Negotiated for the County’s first on-site ATM machine for taxpayer convenience
  • Cut the sending of tax receipts from 10 business days to a next day service

Offering Installment Tax Payments

  • First County to offer installment payments of taxes
  • More than 20,000 Richland taxpayers have used our installment payments program to meet their tax obligations
  • Only County to allow installment payments to be directly drafted from a taxpayer’s bank account
  • Only County to allow businesses installment payment options to better meet cash-flow needs
  • Was the County Treasurer who worked with leaders at the Statehouse to design statewide installment payment legislation

Finding Tax Cheaters Who Cheat Us All

  • First to partner with Sheriff’s Office to catch car tax cheaters – finding over $7 million in delinquent car taxes
  • First to enforce delinquent taxes on mobile homes – adding $800,000 per year
  • First County to assist in collection of delinquent business taxes – in 2011 yielding more than $200,000 from the worst offenders
  • First to work with the Solicitor’s Office to recover “bounced” checks for taxes – adding $100,000 in the first year
  • First County to work with SCDOR to collect delinquent business, and other taxes, by withholding state refunds until property taxes are paid.
  • Cut the cost of tax sale by 40% for delinquent taxpayers
  • First to enforce bankruptcy claims due Richland County adding $7,000,000 in revenue to date
  • First to put delinquent tax sale information on the internet
  • Modernized enforcement process (digital cameras, GPS technology, web-programming) to safeguard taxpayers from loss due to tax sales

Other News

  • David coordinated between the City and County to let people park for free when they had to wait in long lines to vote early in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections.
  • David was the first County Official in 2008 to ask the County to remove parking meters for citizens coming to the county to conduct business.  Those meters were finally closed by County Council in 2013.  The City meters around the building are still in effect.
  • First to combine the County Financial books with the Treasurer's Accounts to provide more accurate and timely information to decision-makers.
  • Chosen an American Young Political Leader by the Washington-based American Council of Young Political Leaders, 2007
  • David was chosen by the 46 counties’ Auditor’s, Treasurer’s and Tax Collectors, to lead their Continuing Education Committee in 2008 and 2009.
  • David was chosen by the 46 counties’ Auditor’s, Treasurer’s and Tax Collectors, to lead their Legislative Committee in 2011, 2012 and 2013.
  • David was chosen by the 46 counties’ Auditor’s, Treasurer’s and Tax Collectors, as their Vice President for 2014 and will become Richland’s first President of that organization in almost 20 years in 2016.
  • Only Treasurer to fight Governor Mark Sanford on the Stimulus Funding to protect the jobs of our teachers and police officers and public servants and the businesses that serve them